Arte Vero is a family production business of classical music. We are located in France and started the business in 2012. Veronika Kuzmina Raibaut is a Russian concert pianist, Jean-Michel Raibaut records, designs and distributes the albums.

Our goal is to provide a new look on classical music paying more attention to the beauty of interpretations and compositions than to the technical aspects and composing music in the classical style, far from the ugly dissonances characterizing the contemporary music, unfortunately a composition model nowadays.

We also promote a sustainable economic model for the small producers and artists, trying to reduce the number of selling intermediates and inviting our customers not to support the illegal copy (sometimes called ‘sharing’), prerequisite to lower the album prices.

So how much costs a musical production? For instance, producing a one hour album of piano classical interpretations without subsidies means 300 hours training even for a graduated concert pianist, 10 hours of studio recording (no time to rest !) at 30 euros / hour without sound engineer, investing in a sound recording system of 3500 euros (let’s say 350 euros per album with an amortization on 10 albums), plus a few hours editing and mixing. Producing a CD on a basic format is about 2 euros / piece for 500 pieces, add 1,5 to 2,5 euros of shipping costs. Selling a CD at 12 euros and having to pay 20% taxes means we start not to loose money beyond 130 CD sold, we start being paid at the French minimum wage beyond 500 CD, twice the minimum wage beyond 900 CD. Very ambitious target not being edited and distributed by a known label (and even with!), but still feasable on a worldwide market of millions of classical music aficionados, now reachable with internet, which could even lead to prices below 10 euros … assuming the music is not ‘shared’ !



We do not benefit any subsidies, sponsors or networks, we finance ourselves our products.
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